When I go on holiday, I am looking for total, unadulterated relaxation. For this reason a beach holiday suits me just fine. A beach holiday that is close to home is even better, so when friends of mine suggested a road trip to the coastal hamlet of Bonny Hills, I couldn’t wait.

I wasn’t disappointed. At Bonny Hills I revelled in life’s simple pleasures. We passed our time with long strolls along pristine Rainbow Beach, swimming and surfing, numerous picnics and barbeques, a spot of fishing with the kids, a fantastic surf-club meal overlooking the beach.

We ate at the quirkily-named, Fat Fish Bistro at the lovely new Wauchope-Bonny Hills Surf Club, enjoying million dollar views over the beach. They are open from breakfast to dinner most days and even have a kids menu. The Fat Fish bistro is known as a great breakfast spot, and the surf club opens Friday nights for a drink 5.00pm to 8.30pm where you can sit on the balcony and enjoy the coastal atmosphere. Another perfect spot for eating out is the Bonny Hills Garden Cafe which is located in a gorgeous garden centre. They even have a fenced playground for the kids.

We took leisurely drives drinking in the stunning coastal vistas and some local attractions along the way. For world-class attractions and great shopping Port Macquarie is less than 20 minutes drive away from Bonny Hills. On the way to Port Macquarie we stopped at Lighthouse Beach and detoured to Ricardoes Tomatoes and Hastings Valley Olive Grove north of Port Macquarie on the Pacific Hwy, but there are many, many more attractions including State and National Parks, beaches and family fun.

It’s a friendly place. Barbeques with our friends brought opportunities to meet new friends and swap stories of our day.

If you love peaceful, friendly, coastal towns, Bonny Hills is for you. If you are more into bustling cities you will be disappointed because pretty little Bonny Hills excels in blissful, peace and quiet allowing total relaxation.

My tips for a great Bonny Hills holiday, pack a good book plus lots of sunscreen, stay at BIG4 Bonny Hills and dine at The Fat Fish Bistro (http://www.thefatfish.com.au) or The Bonny Hills Garden Cafe (http://www.bonnyhillsgardencentre.com.au.) Relax… you’ll love it.